Midnight’s Haunted Drive-In!

About Midnight’s Haunted Drive-In!

Hi There! My Name is Joseph Russitano and I’ve wanted to be a filmmaker since I was 5-years-old. I’ve done a few film festivals and educational shorts for the Tulare County Office of Eduction, the biggest thing I’ve ever done was work on a PSA that aired on MNF and the Superbowl. Most people know me as “Joey Hollywood” an overly opinionated film critic on Youtube who reviews cheesy movies and games. But I’m trying to tackle a sort-of passion project, I’ve mostly paid for the show out of my own pocket but I need your help!
Midnight’s Haunted Drive-In is a homage to those old horror host shows with a little MST3k thrown in for good measure. It’ll feature monster puppets, miniatures, public domain movies, and a rockin’ Ska Theme!
Now this show will get made whether we get donations or not, but a little help would be much appreciated. I’m paying for this show mostly out of my own pocket and if we could get some donations, making this thing would be a much smoother process.
The show revolves around a dyslexic nurse named Joey (Joseph Russitano) and a nervous Mummy named Marv (Will Ryan of DAGames) and a bipolar werewolf named Bud (Chris Dell’lsola of AficionadosChris.com) who are trapped by the evil vampiric Lady Midnight (Mary Owens), who forces him and his monster pals to watch weird public domain movies in her haunted drive-in!
We plan to have 12 episodes for the first season, and release shortened versions of them on YouTube throughout 2016; while the uncut versions will be available on DVD and digital download for those who want them. We’re also looking into a possible Blu-ray release!
We want this show to be a lot of fun to make and watch, so if you’re able we’d love it if you could get in on the fun!

What We Need & What You Get

We need $5,000 to get this show done, I plan to be completely transparent with the spending of the funds we receive by posting updates every time something is bought with the IGG money that way you know that your money is going to the right place.

We have perks for those of you who want a little back when helping us make this show. Perks ranging from access to our updates to getting the entire series on DVD!

If for whatever reason we don’t reach our goal the show will still get made, I’ve invested so much of my time and money into this project I just cannot quit. Whatever money we get will always go into the project and nowhere else!

Risks & Challenges

Like I said before, this show will get made no matter what! It is a passion project and I have every intention to finish it no matter what! The only real risk that it won’t be completed is if I god killed unexpectedly but even then plans would be sent in place that something would be made. I plan on being completely transparent with the money posting respites and whatnot as updates.

Starter Goal Has Been Reached!

In just 15 Days we reached our $1,000 Starter Goal! Because of this IndieGoGo will only take 4% of the donations rather than 9% and we’re pretty happy about that! Thank you all so much for your support! But we’re not done yet! Our Second Goal is $2,000 and the way things are going we think we might actually make it!

The Second Goal Has Been Reached!

We reached our second goal of $2,000 ten days before the IndieGoGo was to end! Because of this we can afford better equipment to film and edit the show, so we can give you the best possible episodes! Plus allows us to record our rockin’ ska theme song by For The Record properly!

Other Ways You Can Help

So let’s say you can’t afford one dollar to give to Midnight’s Haunted Drive-In but you really want to support us, well just keep circulating the link! Make some noise, tell your rich uncle, let people know what we’re trying to do! If you run blog, write for a website, or have a podcast we’d be happy to be interviewed.

Meet The Cast of Midnight’s Haunted Drive-In!

Joey The Nurse! (Played by Joseph Russitano)

Joey is a dyslexic nurse who is captured by the evil Lady Midnight in her Haunted Drive-In to watch bad B-Movies with his monster buddies! Joey is played by Joseph Russitano of Joey Hollywood Films. Joseph has a background in video production, making a handful of educational shorts for Tulare County Office of Eduction, and has worked on a PSA that aired on MNF and the Superbowl. Joseph is most known for his Joey Hollywood character that reviews movies and games on YouTube.

Lady Midnight (Played by Mary Owens)

Lady Midnight is an evil vampiric woman who delights in torturing Joey and his monster pals with Bad B-movies in her Haunted Drive-In! Midnight is played by the beautiful Mary Owens who has appeared in many videos by Joey Hollywood Filmsand is considered a “fan favorite” by that audience.

Bud the Werewolf (Played by Chris Dell’Isola)

Bud is a werewolf who has bipolar disorder due to the fact that he cannot change back to his human form, because there’s always a full moon at Midnight’s Haunted Drive-In; Where he’s forced to watch bad B-Movie with Joey and Marv by the evil Lady Midnight! Bud is voiced by the talented Chris Dell’lsola of AficionadosChris.com. Chis has a history with puppets as they are featured prominently in his product reviews on YouTube!

Marv the Mummy (Played by Will Ryan)

Marv is a very nervous mummy, who is cursed to only be able to rest in his sarcophagus… one problem: Marv is claustrophobic! As a result Marv drinks a lot of coffee to avoid sleeping in his sarcophagus. This energetic sleep deprived little guy is forced to watch bad B-Movie with Joey and Bud by the delight of the evil Lady Midnight! Marv is voiced by the hilarious Will Ryan of DAGames, who’s known for his popular let’s plays, animations, music, and as well as voicing a few characters on “asdf movie”

Boris Karloffenstein (as Himself)

Boris is the minion of the Evil Lady Midnight, he also can’t talk… or can he? Perhaps no one lets him have a word in edgewise. Guess we’ll just have to wait and see…….