Movie Night: Night of the Living Dead – DVD
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In the style of MST3k, RiffTrax, and Cinematic Titanic, Josh Johnson and Joey Hollywood will riff on the 1968 classic, “Night of the Living Dead”

The DVD will feature:
●An Alternate Cut of “Movie Night” that was not released on YouTube**
●Original Trailer (As seen on YouTube)
●Retrospective with Joey Hollywood & Mike Urtaza Jr. (DVD Only)*
●Selected Audio Commentary (DVD Only)*
●Joey’s Reviews: MOVIE NIGHT (DVD Premiere)*
●Behind-The-Scenes Interview with Joey Hollywood (As seen on YouTube)
●Bloopers/Outtakes (As seen on YouTube)
+Art by Ghulam Shaikh from ProjectSugarcoat as collectable sleeve**


Movie Night 2: Minds of Terror – DVD
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From the guy who made the first Movie Night comes… Movie Night 2! Joey Hollywood is back, this time with Aficionados Chris to riff the shot-on-shittieo masterpiece: Minds of Terror!

The DVD will feature:
●Uncut Version of “Movie Night 2” not available on YouTube**
●Original “Riffed” Trailer (As seen on YouTube)
●Test Riff Sample (As seen on YouTube)
●Interview (DVD Only)*
●Bloopers/Outtakes (DVD Only)*