Hi There! My name is Joseph Russitano, but everyone has called me Joey Hollywood for as long as I can remember. I am a big fan of cinema and it is my dream to become a filmmaker.
I first became interested in making movies when I was 5-years-old when I saw Raiders of the Lost Art for the first time. I’ve worked on many educational shorts and documentaries of the Tulare Office of Eduction and directed an “Every 15 Minutes” video for the Woodlake School District back in 2013 that was shown to schools all over California until 2016. I have also helped in the production of a PSA that aired state-wide on Monday Night Football.
I’ve built up a small name for myself on YouTube/VidMe for my reviews of movies, TV shows, comic books, and video games.
My work has been featured on major News Networks like ABC, Fox, HLN/CNN, and more! I am currently working on a TV/Web series called “Midnight’s Haunted Drive-In”


Joey Hollywood Films (abbreviated JHF)
is the brand that I created to host my content on various platforms. My main youtube channel is Joey Hollywood Film is where I upload movie reviews, short films, movie event videos, and much more! I work really hard to make my videos as professional as possible. As these videos can be quite expensive, I would really appreciate it if you would check out my Patreon page and consider donating. Any money received will go toward improving the over-all quality of my videos.


Midnight’s Haunted Drive-In is a homage to those old horror host shows, the 1975 Ghost Busters and with a little MST3k thrown in for good measure. It’ll feature monster puppets, miniatures, public domain movies, and a rockin’ Ska Theme! The show revolves around a dyslexic nurse named Joey (Joseph Russitano of Joey Hollywood Films) and a nervous Mummy named Marv (Will Ryan of DAGames) and a bipolar werewolf named Bud (Chris Dell’isola of AficionadosChris.com) who are trapped by the evil vampiric Lady Midnight (Mary Owens), who forces him and his monster pals to watch weird public domain movies in her haunted drive-in!



Joey Hollywood

JOEY HOLLYWOOD (The Character)
In the vain of AVGN or the Cinema Snob, I made the “Joey Hollywood” character for my reviews of movies and games. I use this character in Joey’s Movies and Joey’s Games, he is typically a jerk and a satire of YouTubers who take themselves too seriously. I love jerk characters and I’d be lying if I said Bruce Campbell and Groucho Marx didn’t have an influence when creating “Joey Hollywood.” Despite being a character, the things that Joey Hollywood says are my opinion but it’s the way I say them were the character comes into play. In recent years I’ve turned now the more jerk-y qualities about him as people didn’t get he was a character and sent me angry messages telling me how much they hate me. I used to use this character for all my videos but now I try to only use him for the comedic reviews to avoid people thinking I am this big jerk.


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