Why I Stopped Watching Doctor Who

Here’s a video explaining why I stopped watching Doctor Who.

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One thought on “Why I Stopped Watching Doctor Who

  1. Wow. I appreciate that you’ve given so much thought to your experience with Doctor Who. And you’ve certainly given it a chance. I’ve never been disappointed with Doctor Who because all I want is for them to make me laugh. I need laughter, as medicine.

    And I will always remember the last words I can recall my Dqad saying clearly, before his first stroke.

    “That guy you’ve been watching all day [on BBC America’s Christmas Doctor Who marathon], … There’s something about him. he seems really trustworthy. I’d like to have a cup of coffee with him.” And Dad was pointing at Matt Smith. I already liked Matt as the Doctor, but now, because he’s my one family connection with Doctor Who, and my last connection with my Dad, Matt will always be my favorite Doctor.

    So I’ll like him for both of us. Just enjoy what you enjoy, leading up to 2011. 🙂

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