Dark Knight III: The Master Race – Review, Slipcase Unboxing and More!

This is my review of DKIII, an unboxing of the Collector’s Edition Slipcase, and my opinion of other DKR stories.
Thoughts on DKR and DK2 0:16 to 4:35, Spoiler Free Thoughts on DKIII 4:36 to 11:22, Spoiler Thoughts on DKIII & DKR: LC 11:23 to 17:47, Unboxing 17:48 to 29:46, Final Thoughts 29:47 to 31:13

Hi There! My name is Joseph Russitano, but everyone has called me Joey Hollywood for as long as I can remember. I am a big fan of cinema and it is my dream to become a filmmaker.

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  • cg says:

    It’s fairly logical that Batman didn’t die in this, since Frank Miller didn’t die from his cancer (or whatever sickness he had). Bruce Wayne being reborn is in line with Miller’s new lease on life. The optimism it brings back is fully in inline with the regrets Miller has had over DKR:s legacy. DK has always been influenced by Miller’s current state of mind. DKR came about from being mugged to many times while living in New York. DKSA from how he saw big corporations and then 9/11. Batman essentially being a Robin to Batwoman is also totally in line with the meta stuff. Miller has said on conventions that “Carrie Kelly saved my life”. Essentially being his anchor through what seems to have been rough times (other than 9/11, and cancer).

    Also. Both Miller and Azzarello worked together on this. It’s been said during numerous con talks and what not. And they always have the ending set when staring writing. Thus it ended as intended.

    • It’s fairly logical that he didn’t die, the Lazarus Pit is an established thing, however, I feel as a narrative it doesn’t work in *my opinion. It feels like in the context of the story, Batman’s rebirth feels cheap. I’m fine with Robin becoming Batwoman, but when Robin “graduated” to Batgirl, just to redundantly change her name again in the last few pages, it just feels extra… Unless, she was carrying on the mantle for Bruce if he had died earlier in the story.

      If it was both Miller and Azzarello intent to make the story so bland, that’s their prerogative. Honestly, I don’t take what people say in paid interview or paid public appearances, because sometimes the companies put restrictions on those speakers causing them to lie to sell a product. I’m not saying that this is the case in this situation, but I don’t rule out the possibility considering that information contradicts other things I heard.

      I personally found Dark Knight III underwhelming, not terrible just underwhelming. If you like it that’s cool, I’m glad some people have been really dismissive of it and it’s good to see that it has an audience. Personally, I hope Miller expands on “The Last Crusade,” I really enjoyed that one.

      • cg says:

        In a way the dark knight died, didn’t he? He (like Miller seems to have) realizes what sort of rout he’s taken with his obsession. The lazarus pit isn’t important to the story other than a way to bring Bruce back (which he didn’t want to). Superman’s monolouge in the end also reflects the state Miller was in, how he wanted to be left alone.

        Carrie has changed her identity several times. Robin, Catgirl, Batgirl and now Batwoman. It’s her stick, much like Bruce dying every now and then.

        Him following her is a thread that’s been there since the first half of DKR, where Bruce sees her riding a horse. Followed up on in DKSA. Brought to full circle in DKMR.

        Personally, I was quite surprised by it. Given how much Bruce wanted to die, I really thought he’d get it done this time. Especially with the change of heart, and the way he regrets the way he treated Superman. I think it’s really cool how this reflects things Miller said in later years on how he wished people would write other batmans than just the mad one he wrote.

        Way I’d written it would’v been Bruce born again. Realizing how much in the way he’s (with his EGO) become, he’d stay away, but would’v in secret joined Carrie’s batboys.

        What is that information then? From click bait head lines?

        Thing is, I’ve seen quite a few con talks with the both of them. And every time for example Miller has said that DKIII is Azzarello, it’s been out of sheer respect and gratitude. Since Brian and him are really good friends (but perhaps that’s some lie they’v been paid to tell people for 20 y. as well?) and Brian was doing the heavy lifting when it came to writing DKIII. The only compromises with the story where between Brian and Frank. Brian has said such that they did not agree on everything when they plotted it.

        If they didn’t get to write the story they wanted, they’d be off the book in a sec. Brian has done this before. Most notably with his Hellblazer, where he wrote Bruce Wayne as a boyfriend to John Constantine.

        Regardless. Shame you didn’t enjoy it. But you got Last crusade at least. IMO reads beautifully between Year one and Dark Knight Returns. I could see people reading those three and be done with it. Personally I like it how it gives adds to why Dick showed up as a Joker in DKSA. In order to kill Bruce latest Robin, like the Joker did with Jason.

        BTW, you are extremely sexy Joey

        • Well yeah he died, but there was no sense of loss. Cause he came right back, but this time young. I find it hard to give a shit when the character seems to be immortal.
          Idk why you’d bring up Catgirl as an argument considering it’s one of the most hated elements in DKSA and they even went out of their way to retcon it in DKIII. I’m just saying from the narrative level it seems redundant.
          I disagree, I don’t think it has come full circle. I feel it’s just running on like a TV show that ran out of things to do and should have been canceled 4 seasons ago. I foud myself not giving a shit about most of the stuff that was happening in the story.
          Actually, all the click bait headlines I’ve seen just praise DKIII.
          I have no doubt that they have been friends for 20 years, no need to try to discredit my apprehension by bringing up a strawman argument that is completely ludicrous and not applicable. I’m talking about company interferences the writing staff would not be at liberty to discuss and/or cover for. It happens all the time. And no matter how many instances you bring of writers leaving due to creative differences, they would be equal maybe more instances of writers staying on a project due to contracts or whatever. It’s a money game now, and this book smells of outside interferences. I wouldn’t be surprised if this was an attempt to milk DKR into an ongoing series.
          I wouldn’t say I didn’t enjoy it, I found it to be a very flawed and forgettable story but I enjoyed getting the series, elements of the story, and seeing all the art of the variant covers.

          Oh, um thanks?

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