Joey Unscripted – Jenny Nicholson, World Trending [Website Exclusive]

Joey Unscripted – Jenny Nicholson, World Trending [Website Exclusive]

Thoughts on Jenny Nicholson and her habit of making videos that end up going World Trending

This is why we can’t have nice things. This video was public on YouTube for a while but now it has to be a website exclusive because some people can’t take a joke or don’t understand that I was defending Jenny. Truth is, I was a little drunk when I made this video and as a result: I did not convey my points as well as I could if I was sober. I decided to upload it because I thought that the weird way I was acting was pretty funny… but to my dismay, a lot of people either didn’t get or heard what they wanted to hear. Mainly this one Star Wars Podcaster who has a deeply seeded hatred of women that he projected onto me.

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