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First and foremost, I just want to say this is not an attack on Noah Antwiler (aka TheSpoonyOne). I was and to some degree still a fan of his. But as a fan I fell to neglect the topic of Spoony’s Patreon fraud would be wrong. I feel that this is something that should be talked about and some serious change needs to happen on Spoony’s end. #MakeSpoonyGreatAgain2017

Spoony Experiment Links:

Report his Patreon for fraud:


Spoony’s Patreon Fraud Before and After

SOON! But Not Really

SOON! But Not Really…. A screenshot of one of many announcements of Patreon content that never happened.

Spoony needs Patreon money to pay bills because of all the nerd stuff he needs to buy

Spoony needs Patreon money to pay bills because of all the nerd stuff he needs to buy

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#MakeSpoonyGreatAgain #MakeSpoonyGreatAgain2017 #HashTagsDontActuallyHelpButWhatever

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