Joey Unscripted: Star Trek Renegades Is Just “Renegades” Now

This is very disheartening, I supported Star Trek: Renegades a while back because I believed in the project. Unlike other fan films, Renegades was meant to be a Pilot for CBS to make an online Star Trek series (and that’s basically what their doing). CBS/Paramount’s new rules about fan films has choked Renegades into abandoning all of it’s Star Trek elements. What’s most disappointing is that it’s two-parter “Requiem” would mark the final performance of Walter Koenig as Pavel Chekov, a big deal in my opinion because this year also marks the final performance of Anton Yelchin in the same role.
I know some of you are thinking, “what’s the big deal? It’s a copyrighted work and CBS/Paramount has every right to do this”
Well, you’re not wrong, it is their brand. I guess us Star Trek fans are just spoiled because the series creator Gene Roddenberry not only loved fan films but encouraged fans to make them. This whole thing seems like a spit in the face of the fans (who are the only reason Star Trek has had such a long life in the first place) the the father of Star Trek himself.
Personally, I wish they’d make “Requiem” as is with the Star Trek elements intact and then make changes in further episodes if they wish to continue. In some ways I want my money back, I paid over $100 in donations for a Star Trek fan film instead I’m getting something else :/ I’m not gonna ask for my money back… that’d be pretty disckish but man am I disappointed.
I wish “Renegades” the best of luck, but after these two episodes are released I’m afraid I’ll have to withdraw my support. I say that with a heavy heart because I loved this project

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  • Trevor says:

    You really need to understand that they cannot make it as Star Trek now as they would get sued (also double shooting the film would require double the budget as they now also have to create more digital effects for new ships). Your donation was a tiny donation, I donated 5x more then you did and honestly I am just happy that these actors will be together for another show. All the people whining about it having the references removed should be aware that it will still be Star Trek at heart just without the direct references (because you know being sued would be horrible).

    And lastly if they did make it as Star Trek for us donators and even a single word was utteres about the special release then they would all be sued by CBS/Paramount.

    Read the guidelines again…

    • Just because you donated more than me doesn’t make your opinion more important. I’m super poor and live from paycheck-to-paycheck, when I gave them as much as I did, it really was a sacrifice on my part.
      Hey, I’m disappointed… last I checked I can be, but my disappointment doesn’t mean I think Renegades is bad or anything. I look forward to Requiem when it comes out. Like I said in the video “I UNDERSTAND Renegades position” I’ve been in a similar situation… and guess what, I was disappointed with that situation.
      I apologize id I sound defensive but your original post sounded very passive aggressive in the first place. I have looked at the guidelines and I don’t think they have the right to enforce them and people are looking into at them moment.

  • Ken says:

    I’m disappointed too. I spent money that I couldn’t really afford, but I believed in the project. Then I spent more money recently when they begged for finishing funds to get both episodes of Requiem together and close out their STAR TREK series.

    Now it’s something else altogether. I want my money back too…

    • Same, I gave them more than I could afford in the moment (and that no one’s fault but my own) but I did so under certain pretenses and now I feel a little lied to. IDK I will support them throughout this Requiem shoot then I’ll withdraw. I got mown projects to work on

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